Why Everyone Seems To Be Talking About Relationship Youtuber Derrick Jaxn’s Dishonest Apology Video

Why Everyone Seems To Be Talking About Relationship Youtuber Derrick Jaxn’s Dishonest Apology Video

In hilarious news, self-proclaimed social media relationship “guru” Derrick Jaxn was busted for dishonest on his wife of 4 years. If you’ve been seeing the name Derrick Jaxn trending on your social media timeline for days, it’s as a result of a current revelation about the popular relationship-recommendation YouTuber and a subsequent apology video have gone viral. The story has been covered all over the place from Newsweek to The Shade Room and it has lots of people talking about it on their feeds.

In a new video, he appears seated on a settee subsequent to Jackson, holding her hand as he attempts to explain his story. Following the release of Jaxn’s apology video, Twitter erupted with memes, lambasting Jaxn for not training what he preaches. “He continues to seek guidance and that is what I want to remain within the marriage,” she mentioned. “Today, I am at peace and possibly stand by his facet. I even have no hesitation, hate, or shame.” Prior to his ‘The Truth’ video, Jaxn uploaded a separate solo video, during which he claimed that he had been separated from Da’Naia during his apparent affairs. De Medeiros claimed that she visited his home and took a trip to Miami with the vlogger in June, and claimed that Jaxn told her that he had separated from his wife.

Derrick Jaxn: Relationship Guru Confess To Dishonest On Im Wife

According to multiple reviews, Derrick popped the large question to her within the yr 2016. Da’Naia’s household is from Colorado and if we speak about her social media, she stays super energetic on Instagram and nearly all of her posts are in regards to the Christian religion. On Instagram, she uses the deal with @dun_nay_uh_jackson, and frequently shares photographs about her Christianity and marriage. Explaining that his actions fall under the umbrella of cheating, he mentioned it didn’t align along with his requirements of being trustworthy.

In a earlier video, Derrick claimed that he had been separated from his spouse throughout his time with Candice. Da’Naia Jackson, the wife of Derrick Jaxn, has been on the centre of a social media storm following allegations of a marital affair. ‘Derrick Jaxn cheating is lame however did he need to make that video with the wife being held captive,’ wrote one. ‘Not Derrick Jaxn cheating on his wife for YEARS along with his whole “healthy relationship” platform. In the video, he and his spouse sat side-by-aspect with clasped hands as Derrick admitted to cheating a multiple occasions in August and September of final yr.

His Earlier Apology Video

De Medeiros, who lives in Orlando, mentioned the following time they hung out together, she went to his residence in Atlanta, Georgia. She mentioned she noticed moving packing containers in the house so she couldn’t assist but believe his claims that they were separating and believed she was transferring out. More dan one million pipo don watch di confession video wit completely different reactions and comments.

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Da’Naia and Derrick Jackson have identified each other for 12 years, and married in January of 2018. The couple share daughter Marley collectively, who was born pre-engagement in 2016. Others were also involved by the confession video, suggesting that Da’Naia was not a totally willing participant. ‘Wild half about Derrick Jaxn is his on-line persona would inform his spouse to depart him,’ famous one more. He explained that he has already been accountable to God and his wife, however since his infidelity has been made public, he needs his followers to know that he does not stand by what he did. ‘All of it falls under the umbrella of inappropriate, affair, dishonest, stepping out, definitely not in align with the vows that I took,’ he mentioned.

Did Derrick Jaxn Cheat On Da’naia Jackson?

His YouTube sees him tackle frequent issues in fashionable relationships, starting from heartbreak to narcissism to cheating. The influencer’s relationship was known as into query over the past week, and now he’s admitted to dishonest. Once the kitchen obtained hot, Jaxn determined to puthimselfin a place to information the narrative, utilizing his poor wife, Da’Naia, as a human shield.

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